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A lesson for the Architects

Soma Cousha

Lesson for the Architects

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to meet with a group of architects from the ‘Registered Architect club’ and show them some of the carpentry trade as well as have them try their hand at cutting a tenon and the appropriate hole for the tenon.  It is a task that for us seems terrifically ‘normal’ or ‘simple’ but when teaching a lay person one really starts to realize all of the lessons that one has learned to make that task a simple one.  The thing that occurred to me the most was really the use of the geometry of the body in carpentry as opposed to strength.  A simple task becomes simple because unnecessary energy is not spent.  The geometry of the body alone allows this and can even help a beginner to really start to grasp the basics from cut number one.  It was a fun day with a lot of great folks.

We also cut a few of the joints that we use most often in our work that are tried and true over centuries.

Feast your eyes!