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HonRenJi temple

Soma Cousha


Several weekends ago I was able to take a Sunday off and headed with my wife to the nearby town of UshiMado.  She has researched some of the beautiful villages in the area we live and is always up for a trip, so we packed up some snacks and made the hour plus drive to this seaside town for a pottery exhibition and touring.  The afternoon was spent in an old home that used to receive the court of Korea during a period in Japanese history when Korea was considered by the Japanese to be a pinnacle of culture and sophistication.  After a light dinner we were getting ready to make the drive home when our eyes were led to a beautiful temple across from the restaurant where we had dined.  We decided to watch the sunset from the higher ground of the temple’s garden, and to our surprise it was not an ordinary temple but a large and exquisite grounds deemed a special cultural heritage site.  I think perhaps it is the most beautiful grounds I have seen in Japan to date.


Enjoy the pics!

The first 5 are of the home where the pottery exhibition was held, the rest are of HonRenJi temple grounds.